Monday, May 7, 2012

I’ve lost my camera.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, my camera went missing. Along with the camera was its case, a (good) lens, and a memory card full of pictures I hadn’t yet uploaded to my computer. I took a blow monetarily but emotionally I’m devastated.

I never imagined how much losing a camera would affect me. It’s just a material object that costs a lot of money. But I’ve lost sleep and productivity over it. The frozen frames of memory are irreplaceable. There’s the stress of finding a replacement that won’t hurt us too much financially yet provide me the same benefit of meeting my criteria for a camera that will allow me to continue progressing in my new hobby, photography.

I can continue rambling on about a lost love to uninterested passer-byers but instead, let’s focus on what I gained. My lost camera was my first enthusiast camera. I’ve always been fascinated by photography but never had the financial means, education, and support system needed to pursue the hobby.

This camera allowed me to explore that world.

Now, I know what Aperture, F-stop, ISO, DOF, White Balance, etc. means. And not just by definition either. I was able to experience this by turning knobs, pushing buttons, and seeing the results of my curiosity manifested on a computer screen or a printout.

I’ve learned a bit of history as well. With an adapter, you can attach old lenses (50+ years, even!) to these new cameras. It’s a cool feeling seeing things from behind a vintage lens. A lot of old lens companies no longer exist, but they made great glass. Certainly sturdier than today’s counterparts.

I’m sure most of the things I learned could have been covered by a class and several books, but that’s the point. For the cost of a photography class, I learned about not only the camera and its functions, but I learned a lot about myself as well. I know what I like to shoot and what direction I want to take my hobby. Even more simple, I know that I really do love photography. And that makes my loss a little easier to stomach.

I guess it really is better to have loved and lost…